The Eden Project May 2019 Newsletter


The Eden Project May 2019 Newsletter

The Eden Project is a registered 501 c 3 whose mission is “to provide world class, community-based, reintegration programs for the warrior and his or her support group.”

Our Focus is on Reintegration

With little or no clear definition of reintegration for our service members, we define it as The process of regaining one’s role of self, family member, employee and community member. We achieve this by being mindful of enriched experiences and learning to incorporate them into these roles.

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If You Think the War is Over, Please Think Again

According to new DoD reports, active duty suicide in on the rise. Depression, substance abuse and high-risk behavior are also on the rise among active duty service members and veterans. In addition, many veterans take off the uniform only to find the battle rages on. Only this time it is in their heads and homes.These are recent quotes from veterans I work with:“We think the ones we love, are here to support us  and they “have our 6” only to find they are the ones who are now the enemy. “We become our new enemy.”  The war rages on silently inside.

“We battle to find our place at home, at work and in the community. Only to find we don’t fit in any of those places anymore. We turn to drugs, alcohol, risky behavior to escape the pain, the darkness, the memories, only to have them return, stronger, darker and more vivid.”

“We are trained to fight and win wars, but we are not prepared for the battle we return home to.”

The war is not over for far too many of our servicemen and women, they just learn to hide it, but it does not stay hidden very long.
If this is you or someone you know, register today for our next peer to peer class. No one know veterans like another veteran, we are here to end the war that rages inside.

Grow counseling has been a long time partner to The Eden Project and an avid supporter to the entire veteran community. Click on logo and read their recent blog. 

The Eden Project presents…


Come have fun with us while you and your mate discover how to communicate better, be more intimate and build a stronger marriage!  Each class will have us playing the couple’s edition of “Warrior Spirit”, followed by a variety of classes like arts, crafts, cooking, and even some exciting “surprise” classes!
Hurry!  Space is limited to 5 military veteran or active, reserve or guard couples each date night, so sign up today!Friday May 10th  at 7:00pm. 

Have you heard? The Eden Project, 92.5 The Bear, and Ideal Therapy have teamed up to present “Warrior Wednesday!” Tune in at 8 am every other Wednesday morning to hear current events and programs offered to veterans, first responders and their families. Topics will include financial planning, health and wellness, activities for veterans and lots of volunteer opportunities.

Become a Wise College Parent

Navigate college spending without compromising your retirement with guidance from Thrivent Scholars Advisor Network.

At the workshop, “College Planning Strategies – Three money-saving strategies to help make college more affordable,” you will learn:

  • The importance of incorporating a threefold approach to college planning—Integrating academic, admissions, and financial strategies.
  • How your child can stand out from the crowd when applying to college.
  • The “magic of six” concept that makes it a financial necessity to apply to at least six different colleges.
  • Why ACT/SAT preparation courses are sometimes more beneficial than applying for scholarships.
  • How to get access to free college planning tools, resources, and information to make your family’s college planning efforts as effective as possible. 


The workshop will run from 6:30 – 7:30pm and is being offered to families who have high-school students. 
The workshop is designed for college-bound families, with a special emphasis on those with sophomores and juniors in high school.  Students are welcomed, but not required, to attend along with their parents, grandparents, or others that support the student’s academic goals.
To reserve your place and receive the Zoom link, please email or call Michele at 770-460-5421.