Who is The Eden Project

New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

We are an all-volunteer Fayette county 501 (c) 3, veteran run - veteran organization. Our primary emphasis is here in Fayette and Coweta counties of Georgia but we will never turn away a veteran. With two high level goals; Helping veterans AND Partnering with other service organizations we emphasize Engaging, Encouraging, and Empowering the warrior and his or her support system to promote and sustain the reintegration process. The transition from a military to a civilian career can be a difficult journey but it doesn’t have to be. It is made even more difficult if the warrior has experienced physical and/or emotional trauma, long or multiple deployments away from their family or both. We believe the path starts with a foundation that consists of four main pillars;

Specific programs; family programs, suicide prevention and training, reintegration classes, leadership, peer to peer mentoring, bonding experiences, volunteer opportunities, project management, Lean Six Sigma training and certification, and E3 programs.

The 3E's or Engage, Encourage, Empower, is a special area within The Eden Project that is focused on providing opportunities for anyone wearing the wounded label to pivot from being wounded and transforming into the person they were destine to be. The Phoenix Force, is the peer to peer group that has embodied the “rise out of the ashes” concept and is currently working to form a dragon boat team (adaptive physical therapy) that will travel and compete in regional events and raise awareness for veteran issues

4 Essential Pillars:

  • Medical care
  • Family support
  • Purpose (A purpose in life)
  • Faith

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