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In Fayette and Coweta counties alone, there are over 23,000 veterans.

(11,253 in Fayette and 11,765 in Coweta). There are 1,632 post 9/11 veterans in Fayette County. Are you one of them? If so, we are here for you. It may not be in your nature to ask for help, but we are here for you when you do decide to ask. You have always put mission first; well, now maybe the new mission is YOU. You served your country, and now it may be time to let someone serve you. Everyone from time to time needs a word of encouragement, an extra boost, or a kick in the butt! That’s why we are here.

Specific Programs

Our programs are geared towards providing support in a variety of ways. Please contact us to learn more.

Peer to Peer Groups

This award-winning peer group is a 13-week 50-hour peer led model based on CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) principles. Participants navigate the journey home through the experiences of other veterans and first responders who have, or still are, on that journey. Participants learn wellness practices along with an extensive list of life skills, all focused on rediscovering their identities and building resiliency.

The course is divided into three phases. The first phase establishes the ground rules and expectations for the course. The participants take an enneagram assessment, learn five wellness practices, and begin to understand who they are and their true value. In addition, the team takes part in a community service project. Phase two empowers the participants with cognitive behavior principles and six additional wellness practices. The final phase is designed to strengthen resiliency by building confidence and competence with the new practices and coping skills.

At the end of the 13-week 50+-hour program, each participant has a better understanding of who they are, where they fit into their community, and the tools and practices to thrive in their new self. Much of this is done by changing unhelpful thought processes, improving emotional regulation, and developing personal coping strategies.

All veterans and first responders are welcome.

Alumni Program

This is new!
Our alumni program is designed to foster a supportive and empowering community for veterans who have completed our peer program. This program aims to strengthen current relationships and create new ones. In addition, it will provide ongoing support, and offer unique opportunities tailored to the needs of our veteran alumni. The goal is to provide ongoing support. This program will keep participants together and informed on upcoming events and opportunities, and provide a place to stay connected.

We are still working on the details, but the intent is to meet once a week, location TBD. There will be lessons like the peer group, but the group leader may choose to forgo does not have to do the lesson if the group wants to just talk and socialize. Participants can come when they want as it will be an open group. Each group will last for about an hour, but the time is flexible.

Couple’s Date Nights

Couples’ date nights are essential for nurturing and sustaining healthy, fulfilling relationships by prioritizing time, communication, and intimacy between partners. Our date nights are designed to create special moments and memories that couples need to create and maintain strong bonds. We offer a variety of different dates that include ways to rekindle romance, provide stress relief, improve team building and teamwork, and show deeper appreciation for each other, while discussing topics like communication skills, intimacy, personality styles and a few others. Couples who attend our date nights are looking to step away from their busy routine of daily life for a few hours to reconnect with their spouse. All our dates are fun, educational, and packed with activities for couples who want to keep their marriages full of life and love and are led by a dynamic marriage professional.

Couples join our date nights events to strengthen and deepen their relationships and to network with other couples who want the same thing.

Veterans Treatment Court Mentor Program

Veteran Mentors are volunteers who have served in the military. They are responsible for serving as supporters, guides and confidants for veteran participants. Mentors should provide support as participants’ progress through the VTC and should feel comfortable working collaboratively to assist participants, (and where appropriate their families) in successfully completing the directives of the court.

Our program combines evidence-based theories and practices that have a history of positive results in the veteran community. In addition to the requirements from the court, this 18-month program involves a cognitive behavior component, mindfulness practices, and community service.

Mentors work one on one with the participants and often participate in group activities with them. Mentors and participants meet weekly, and many times daily, to work on the extensive list of tasks and requirements for the participant.

This program is intended to provide structure, tools, and practices for the veteran who is struggling after their military service and who has found themselves on the wrong side of the justice system. It addresses the underlying issues that led to the circumstances which brought them into the legal system.

Military couples Retreats

Our couple’s retreats are transformative. These Military Veterans Couples Retreat, honor military service while strengthen marriage bonds. We offer a caring environment where veterans and their spouses can connect with each other while also connecting with peers. Nestled in serene surroundings, these retreats offer tailored sessions, adventure activities, and quiet moments for reflection. Couples learn critical coping skills and interact with peer professionals and other veterans who have made this journey. Our retreats provide various activities including mindfulness practices, yoga, breathing techniques, gratitude journaling, personality assessments, and fun and engaging group leaders. In many cases, our retreats are the starting point for stronger healthier relationships. Rediscover connection, understanding, and resilience together.

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 You have always put mission first; well, now maybe the new mission is YOU.