Team Members

Team members

Bren Briggs

Bren Briggs

Is a retired senior Army officer with 28 years of service. He spent the first 8 years as an enlisted Marine then accepted a direct commission as a medical officer in the Army. Bren had several assignments and deployments that took him away from his family for long periods of time so he understands on a very personal level the strain that is put on families from long separations. He was severely injured on his last deployment and underwent 6 major surgeries to reconstruct his face. It is out of this experience and from working with other wounded warriors during his own recovery time, that the Eden Project came to be. Bren is no stranger to non-profits. He served on an Alzheimers Board of directors for several years when he was the Executive Director for a group of Assisted living homes. During this time, he ran a 153-mile ultra-marathon across the Sahara and raised over $50,000. He brings this same dedication and commitment to the Eden project and the community in which it supports.

Bren is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with an MA in Leadership, and is currently working on his PhD in Organizational psychology focusing on veterans in the work force. Bren has a talent for building highly effective teams. His combination of skills is ideal for this program as he has the ability and experience to bring together all the needed people and organizations who can best serve the veteran population that The Eden Projects serves. Bren possesses complex three dimensional systems thinking, comprehensive design and planning, management and a long history of leadership skills along with solid Master Black Belt skills to provide hands-on coaching to team members and partners.

Bren is an accomplished Business Transformation, Change Management Expert, and expert facilitator and team builder whose 28 years of military service has prepared him for this position. In that time, he served at all levels of leadership and held many positions necessary to provide the depth and breadth to support the veterans in our area. He has put together a world class team ready to respond to the challenges of today’s veteran population.

Adam Anderson

Is a retired Army Major with over 22 years of military leadership experience. He holds an MA in Student Personnel Services, counseling and Administration. Adam started his military career by contracting with the “Demon Battalion” ROTC at Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA. Adam was commissioned into the Louisiana Army National Guard on 18 DEC 1992 and served as an Armor officer in the 1/156th Armor Battalion, 256th Infantry Brigade from DEC 1992 until MAY 1999. During that time, he held the positions of Platoon Leader, Company Executive Officer, and Battalion Motor Officer.

In 1999 he transferred into the 1-116nd (Stonewall Brigade), 29th Infantry Division, Virginia Army National Guard. Here he served until DEC 2004 as an Infantry Detachment Commander and then as Bravo Company Commander in Christiansburg, VA.

In 2004, transferred to the 1-102nd Battalion, 29th Infantry Division, Connecticut Army National Guard where he stayed until SEP 2007. While here, Adam served as the Battalion Intelligence Officer (S2) and the Battalion Adjutant (S1). During this timeframe, he was deployed to Afghanistan in 2006, serving in the Ghazni, Bagram, and Mehtar Lam areas of the country, returning home in 2007.

In 2007 Adam accepted a position as a Military Technician, Facilities Operations Specialist, with the US Army Reserve Command 335th Signal Command (Theater) Divisional Command, East Point, GA. Adam transferred his commission out of the CT National Guard and into the United States Army Reserves and was assigned militarily to the 335th. He served in various duty positions within this unit until his retirement in APR 2016. Initially Adam served in the Future Plans and Operations (G3) section of the command. Within a year of arriving, he was selected to take command of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) for the Division Command, where he commanded for next 3 ½ years. After coming out of his second command in 2012, Adam served in the Force Modernization Section (G3) until he deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. During this deployment, Adam served as the Retrograde and Projects Officer In Charge (OIC) at Kandahar Air Field (KAF).

Adam currently is the Director of Operations. His primary focus is to ensure current operations are well coordinated and staffed. He also develops and conducts events that bring community awareness to veterans.

Lawrence Felix

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Dave Mace

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Melodie Parks

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