Happy New Year


Happy New Year

The Eden Project is a registered 501 c 3 whose mission is “to provide world class, community-based, reintegration programs for the warrior and his or her support group.”

Our Focus is on Reintegration

With little or no clear definition of reintegration for our service members, we define it as The process of regaining one’s role of self, family member, employee and community member. We achieve this by being mindful of enriched experiences and learning to incorporate them into these roles.

As the new year approaches we are programmed to set new goals and resolutions, some of which we will keep others will be broken in the first week. Fitness centers LOVE goal setters! We commit to losing weight, join a gym, sign a contract, and by February never go back but that auto draft continues to come out paying for a membership we don’t use. Yes, I said “we”, I have paid for a membership for almost 2 years and have been there 2 times!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. About a year ago I heard that if we pick one, just one, goal to focus on, we are 90% more likely to achieve it than if we were to pick three, four, or even just two. Then I read an article from a popular psychology guru that stated picking three or four was ok. There are many conflicting theories and theorists, so I won’t go into the discussion on how many goals to have but maybe I can help with getting on track and staying on track with the one(s) you do choose.

So here is the big question… Are you going to lose weight this year? How about save money, earn a degree, volunteer more, get healthier, eat healthier, learn a new skill, get a promotion, be a better wife/husband/friend (fill in the blank)… Whatever your goal is there are a few simple steps to take that will increase your success. Have you heard of SMART goal setting?
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic (or Relevant), Timely (Timebound).

Here’s how it works, We at The Eden Project have a team of highly trained and skilled experts, all of whom will focus on each of these areas and will walk you through how to set a goal, work through it, achieve it AND maintain it. Take a guess at how much this will cost you, go ahead, guess. Ok, here is our new years gift to you. It is FREE. No strings, no hidden charge later, we want to see you succeed and we want to help. 

Our goal is to help other people, primarily veterans and their families, but we are opening the doors this year to empower as many people as we can. If we have road blocks or obstacles in the way, such as paying for these classes, we are not doing our job. Therefore, we will offer all of these to those willing to come and get it.

Thanks to a very energized new team of board members and a surge in community support, along with our team of experts, we will be conducting classes every month, sometimes a few times a month on all of these topics, and you are encouraged to attend.

Next week we will publish a roadmap for how to set a goal and provide a SMART goal worksheet. If this is something that looks interesting to you AND you are ready for change, reply to admin@eden-project.com with SMART in the subject line AND one of your specific goals. We are customer focused and very agile, we will set our schedule up according to the most needed goals. For example, if we get a lot of replies for weight loss, we will start with weight loss. Are you ready?

Step 1 – decide you want a change, Step 2 – pick an area (this CAN change over time), Step 3 reply to admin@eden-project.com Step 4 join the team of others doing the same thing!

2019 new opportunities to get involved:

Volunteer training / orientation – Jan
Couples events – March
Peer to peer groups – April
Golf Tournament – TBD
Mentor programs all year 

write to  admin@eden-project.com to join.