The Eden Project and WWAFT football


The Eden Project and WWAFT football

The Eden Project is a registered 501 c 3 whose mission is “to provide world class, community-based, reintegration programs for the warrior and his or her support group.”

Our Focus is on Reintegration

With little or no clear definition of reintegration for our service members, we define it as The process of regaining one’s role of self, family member, employee and community member. We achieve this by being mindful of enriched experiences and learning to incorporate them into these roles.

Tomorrow Wednesday Jan 30th is the BIG game!

Join us in Fairburn at 6pm to see some of our own warriors play against some of NFL’s finest. 

2019 new opportunities to get involved:

Volunteer training / orientation – Jan
JOB Fair – Spring 2019
Couples events – March
Peer to peer groups – Feb 
Golf Tournament – TBD
Mentor programs all year 

write to to join.