Safety Stand down


Safety Stand down

Our Focus is on Reintegration

With little or no clear definition of reintegration for our service members, we define it as The process of regaining one’s role of self, family member, employee and community member. We achieve this by being mindful of enriched experiences and learning to incorporate them into these roles.


Recent reports show suicide is on the rise for Active duty Soldiers, divorce is always high this time of year, heart attacks increase around spring with daylight savings time and tax season always adds stress. Don’t let these and other stressors get the best of you.

Here are a few tips to beat the “darkness” when it starts to creep in:
 1- Call a buddy! Not text, not email or other forms of social media, CALL. There is something about talking that eliminates depression.

2-  Get outside and get active. Enjoy the sun. There is power in the sun, soak it in. Get your heart rate up. Being active is a great way to get out of the dark places our minds take us.

3 – Face the problem head on. Too often we over think about a problem and make it worse than it is. Write it down, talk it out with someone, then work on it.

4 – Eat healthy, cut your alcohol consumption, get into a routine. We all had a routine while we were in uniform. Get up, make your bed, drink water, stretch and get out the door. Even small steps will make a big difference. 
If you are reading this, take 5 minutes and call a buddy today. It may be the one thing needed to save his or her life.

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If you are experiencing a crisis right now, call 911 or 1-800-273-8255 press 1