Biographical Sketch of
Dr. Steve Hutchinson

Steve Hutchinson is a dynamic speaker and an accomplished author of several books, including an award-winning marriage book entitled, Me Tarzan, You Jane.

The founder of MarriageFit and two churches, Steve has helped people change the trajectory of their lives by breaking through unpleasant circumstances and discovering their purpose in life. Steve has also served as a teacher and coach in both public and private schools.

Steve’s travels have taken him nationally and internationally teaching on subjects like Marriage, Parenting, and Leadership. Steve has coached hundreds of couples as they navigated through marital turmoil, and seeing couples avoid the divorce court. Steve speaks at churches, corporate meetings, school chapels, colleges, and is no stranger to radio and television.

With a blend of biblical scholarship and humor, Steve delivers an inspirational message of hope that brings healing to the hurting, and motivation for the faint of heart. Having a passion to see people “Win in Life”, Steve connects with young and mature audiences alike.

Steve enjoys traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Steve and his amazing wife Jane and children reside on the outskirts Atlanta, Georgia.