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Men and women have been fighting the wars of our nation since 1775. That is over 240 years of dedication and sacrifice! As of the latest Veteran Affairs study done in 2014, there were 21.8 million living veterans of the U.S. armed forces from the WWII to Afghanistan eras.

In our own community here in Fayette and Coweta counties alone, we have just over 23,000 (11,253 in Fayette and 11,765 in Coweta) of those veterans living among us and those numbers are growing every year.

Most recently, the battlefields of our nation have been fought in Southwest Asia. Our country has been fighting the war on terrorism for over 15 years and the effects on our servicemen and women are staggering. Nationwide, millions of veterans are suffering the effects of war. These effects are seen in the injuries and wounds; the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); the lost limbs and/or eyesight; and the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Of the 2.7 million Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the VA estimates that as many as 20% suffer from PTSD, and of the 2.6 million Vietnam veterans, that number goes up to 30%. Many veterans suffer from depression and anxiety, many tragically succumbing to suicide. Veterans comprise 20% of the NATIONAL SUICIDE RATE with 22 veterans committing suicide every day in the United States! Locally we have seen our suicide rate rise to levels not seen in years.

Those effects are also seen on the economic front. At the time of this report the veteran unemployment rate across Georgia was 18.7, which is two times the national average *. And of those who do find a job, nearly 50% of veterans leave their first job within a year, many within the first 9 months. In addition, a startling number of veterans find themselves homeless, making up 10% of the nation’s total homeless population.

However, there is good news! Communities, the size of ours, have begun working together to address these issues and are meeting with great success. Many areas of the country, to include Fayette County, are working to establish Veteran Coalitions; some are focused on helping veterans with the VA process; others to help veterans use their educational benefits; and the list goes on.

The Eden Project is positioned to provide this type of leadership to our community and programs to our veterans. We have the initiatives to assist our veterans and are poised to make a huge economic impact in our own community. But we can’t do this alone. We are calling on you to “help us help our veterans”. If you are in a position where you can give back to help our veterans who are struggling, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help fund our mission so we can engage, encourage and empower these men and woman and make a positive impact on our community. Other communities our size and with similar goals have brought millions of dollars back to their communities and we too will not only serve our veterans but our community through these programs.

Thank you in advance from all of our veterans and their families


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